The Night Visit of Pentagon’s Founding Father

Mr. Hermen Malik (14/9), the founding father of SMAN 10 Pentagon Kaur visited the school to motivate the students to pursue their degree abroad. To boost up the mood, he also brings some of his colleagues; Mr. Heru, a young alumni of Russia, Mr. Faiz, a lecturer alumni of Australia and Sweden, and a staff of Board of Industry and Sale of Bengkulu Province.

After a warm and memorable opening delivered by Mr. Yeye Hendri, the headmaster, Mr. Hermen Malik gives a speech of his vision while establishing the school. He highlights the school’s vision on shaping global quality students to compete in various international circumstances. As many as 30% of students are projected to continue their study in foreign countries after high school. Fulfilling this target, he demands all the students to hang their dreams above the sky and put their heart in God’s hands. In encouraging the students, he also tells his traveling-the-world stories through academic journeys by presenting his papers in many international conferences. Hand-clapping and wow murmuring fill in the atmosphere.

As of the second session, Mr. Hermen Malik introduces and invites Mr. Heru to share his experience of studying in Russia with a scholarship from Ministry of Education of Russia. He exposes his reasons in choosing Putin’s country, the requirements, and the process during the college time. Mr. Heru said that they were never easy, yet as long as we were brave enough to fight and put our best effort and prayer, the result would not dismay us. The next presentation is from Mr. Faiz, an alumni of Australia and Sweden. He highly suggests the students to keep searching on the internet to find the scholarship to study abroad.

Thus, many questions are asked to the speakers regarding to the lifestyle, cultural shock, and the financial supports. But those are answered by an optimism to a long life dream in strengthening Indonesia through global-scale and global minded advancement.

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